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Welcome to Sarah Utterback Fan, your online resource dedicated to the actress Sarah Utterback. You may know Sarah from her roles in "Reception", "Grey’s Anatomy" and more. It is my aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Sarah’s career. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Welcome back to Grey’s Anatomy, Sarah!

Welcome back to Grey’s Anatomy, Sarah!

Hello, everyone! Don’t forget to watch Grey’s Anatomy tonight to see Sarah’s return as Nurse Olivia!

As you can see, I have a new theme on the site and I hope you love it as much as I do! I will be adding the matching theme to the gallery at some point as well as more pictures of Sarah, but right now I am still busy working on stuff here behind the scenes.

Please do not post the picture on this post without giving credit to the site!

Exclusive magazine scan and new affiliate!

I have added a exclusive scan of Sarah in Grey’s Anatomy: The Official Magazine! The scan comes from my personal issue and the magazine is no longer made so that’s why I am calling this a exclusive. Please do not post the scan without giving credit to the site!

The site now has a new affiliate and it’s Caterina Scorsone France! Please check the site out! 🙂

The site has moved to a new host and url!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the site! As you can see the site has moved to a new host and url!

My longtime host The Fansites Network closed so the site is now hosted at Flaunt. I would like to thank them for agreeing to host the site!

Unfortunately during the move we had to change are url so the site can no longer be accessed at To come to the site you have to use the new url which is! Please update your bookmarks and links!

Lastly my lovely friend Vera from If I Stay Movie Network is going to customize the new layout I bought for the site so keep checking the site for the new theme! 🙂

New elite affiliate added to the site!

Hi Sarah fans! The site now has a new elite affiliate and it’s Grey’s Anatomy Fan! Be sure you check out the site if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan!

A quote from Sarah is featured on the website of Lisa Van Ahn and you can read it here on the site! Lisa does work in girl empowerment, fitness, and health!

“You’re one of the most positive, encouraging & inspiring leaders I know. Thank you for all that you’re doing, giving, and sharing.”

Sarah Utterback
Actress and Writer

More pictures of Sarah from Grey’s Con and a fan story!

Hi everyone! I have added more pictures of Sarah at Grey’s Con so be sure to take a look at them all if you haven’t yet!

Michèle is a Grey’s Anatomy fan and went to Sarah’s Q&A at Grey’s Con and was kind enough to share her experience which you can read here on the site!

I met Sarah on Sunday for the Grey’s Con and she’s really a sweetheart. She did a Q&A alone and I got to ask her a question and waved hi to her. I asked her what speciality Olivia would have chose if she would’ve been a surgeon and she said probably Peds because she loves kids. She told us that after the syphilis episode, Patrick always called her Syph. She’s in the IAMA theatre group which Katie Lowes founded and Katie is her best friend.

New picture and affiliate added to the site

Hi everyone! Sarah posted a picture she took at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival and I have added it to the gallery!

There is now a new affiliate on the site and it’s Dakota Johnson Network! Be sure to check out the site because it’s beautiful and Dakota is a great actress just like Sarah! 🙂

New layout on the site!

Hi everyone! As you can see there is now a new layout on the site and I love it! I would like to thank my wonderful friend Monica for customizing it for me! I hope you all love the new layout as much as I do! If you can’t see the new layout try refreshing the page.

Monica also found the photos used in the layout in high quality so I have replaced the the original photos with the high quality ones! Be sure to check them out in the gallery!

If you would like to see some of Monica’s designs of her own check out her site Monica N Designs! ♥

Welcome to Sarah Utterback Fan!

Hello everyone and welcome to Sarah Utterback Fan a fansite for actress Sarah Utterback!

You probably recognize Sarah from Grey’s Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, or most recently The Mysteries of Laura!

I first became a fan of Sarah after seeing her in Grey’s Anatomy. Since 2011 I’ve had a Twitter account dedicated to her and have been wanting to have a fansite for her for a really long time!

I would like to thank my amazing friend Monica for helping me with the premade layouts I got! If you would like to check out her own designs please go to Monica N Designs!