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Welcome to Sarah Utterback Fan, your online resource dedicated to the actress Sarah Utterback. You may know Sarah from her roles in "Reception", "Grey’s Anatomy" and more. It is my aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Sarah’s career. I hope you enjoy your stay!

More pictures of Sarah from Grey’s Con and a fan story!

Hi everyone! I have added more pictures of Sarah at Grey’s Con so be sure to take a look at them all if you haven’t yet!

Michèle is a Grey’s Anatomy fan and went to Sarah’s Q&A at Grey’s Con and was kind enough to share her experience which you can read here on the site!

I met Sarah on Sunday for the Grey’s Con and she’s really a sweetheart. She did a Q&A alone and I got to ask her a question and waved hi to her. I asked her what speciality Olivia would have chose if she would’ve been a surgeon and she said probably Peds because she loves kids. She told us that after the syphilis episode, Patrick always called her Syph. She’s in the IAMA theatre group which Katie Lowes founded and Katie is her best friend.

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